A. Piekara, M. Krzywonos, K. Pstrowska
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis
The consumption of dietary supplements (DSs) is rising among children. Lately the composition of such products has come under considerable criticism. Sweetening agents (SA) were identified and quantified in dietary supplements, which take the form of lollipops (lollipop supplements) using HPLC and the calorific value of the analysed products was determined using a caloric bomb. The purpose of the study was to evaluate: (i) content of SA in lollipop supplements, (ii) energetic value of the daily dose of lollipop supplement vs the average energy requirement (AR) for children aged 3–12 and (iii) potential impact that the sweetening agents, found in lollipop supplements, may have on children’s health. The analysis of the energy values of the supplements’ daily doses shows a significant impact of such dose of supplement on the energy balance of the daily diet amounting to 12.74 % of a 7-year-old female child’s AR for energy (kcal/day).