Division of Fuels Chemistry and Technology is a legal successor of the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum and Coal, where research on refinery technologies was carried out from 1960s.

The main subject of investigations carried out in the Institute in the past, and currently in the Division, is the research on catalytic fuels processing (hydrorefining, hydrogenation, hydrocracking, isomerization), diverse naphtha products (distilates, leftovers, asphalts, etc.). The research is focused on development of technological bases of manufacturing and application of the catalysts and sorbents for refining industry, petrochemistry, carbochemistry and environmental protection.

Secondary subject of investigations that are carried out in the Division is the technology of carbon based materials (active carbons, carbon gasification).

The division runs two specialized laboratories: Laboratory of the naphtha products analysis and Laboratory of catalytic and adsorptive processes, which operate to provide service to the division and to external partners.